Hello from the calm hallways of JCMES! I'm writing to you from a spot in the hallway outside the office where I see classes learning the routines of the hallway, teachers giving lots of first day instructions but most importantly I can see all the smiles! It's a little after 9:30am and after a lap through the hallways and into classrooms, I can say that we are currently a tear-free zone. They might come later on or throughout the day which is okay! But for now, rest assured that your child is safe and content at school.

For such a large school, drop off this morning felt smooth especially for the first day. The car drop off line is often long and may remain that way for a while as parents find that "sweet spot" for drop off time that works best for your family. Families that were walking their child in parked at the bottom and walked up which was very helpful to streamline our morning drop off. Parents also said quick goodbyes and let their children start the day which is a big reason why we are settled in so quickly this morning. Thank you!

Have a great day!

Erin Branner, Principal


Chelsea Imbrescia, Assistant Principal